We believe in creating floors that not only last a lifetime, but floors that also capture your personality. We have specially trained craftsmen who have mastered the art of finishing your floors at the time of installation, or who can provide you the simplicity of hardwood floors with finish already applied by the manufacturer. This provides you with more flooring options than ever before.


Pre-finished hardwood allows you to immediately use the room upon installation (within 48 hours) since the finish was applied to the wood at the factory. This is a good choice if you are in a hurry to use the room (guests coming, holiday party, etc.) or simply prefer the color of a pre-finished wood sample.


If you want to select a particular color stain, then you will want to consider a site finished floor. Our highly trained Bona Certified Expert Craftsmen will apply the finish after installation. This is a good choice if you are trying to match other hardwood in your home or if you have a particular color in mind.