Sanding & FInishing Hardwood Floors

Sanding & Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

Whether it is damage due to old age, years of children roller skating across your floor, or even an overflowing dishwasher, we’re here to help. We know how frustrating and unsettling it can be when something happens to your home. Our expert Sand & Finish team have many years of experience restoring, repairing, and refinishing hardwood floors in Tampa. If something should happen to your hardwood call us first. We’ll be there to make sure your floors look brand new!

"My husband and I had our 1940's original wood floors refinished by Bast Flooring. They did a FANTASTIC job! They kept the character of the floors but made them look like new. Not only did they do a wonderful job on the floors, but they were also very easy to work with. Kayleigh was very informative and patient through all my questions and concerns. I highly recommend them!"


A gouge in your wood? Scratches across the floor? Cracked or chipped tile? Bast’s experts can take care of your repairs to make your floors as good as new.

Water Damage

If you should experience water damage to your hardwood floors, immediately get as much of the water up as quickly as you can. Purchase or rent area fans and target the area. Turn on ceiling fans as well. Call us and we’ll come out and check the extent of the water damage and what should be done. We can help you with insurance estimates and help you return your floors to normal in no time.


Every 3-5 years, you will want to put a new topcoat on your hardwood floors. The one-day procedure involves sanding down the finish and applying new topcoat. It will remove most surface scratches. For natural stone and tile, you will want to buff the surface every 3-5 years as well. This simple maintenance will keep your floors looking great for years.

Grout Cleaning, Coloring, Sealant

At any time that your tile and stone grout appears dirty, call Bast for a quick and easy grout cleaning. We can also change the color of your grout to give rooms a new appearance. Seal your grout for extra protection against chipping.