Hardwood Floor Health: 5 Things to Look For

Hardwood flooring can be a great investment that will last a lifetime in your home. Keeping them beautiful requires care and maintenance every now and then. Eventually, your home's hardwood floors will need to be sanded and refinished.Sometimes it’s difficult to determine when it need to be done. There are signs you can look for to know when your hardwood floors are in need of some care.


Lots Of Scratches

A large number of scratches on your hardwood floors is one of the more obvious signs that your floors need refinishing, especially if those scratches have worn through the stain on your wood. While a few scratches are normal, having a floor that is covered in unsightly scratches is not ideal. Most scratches are going to be topical and will come out with a simple sanding, but larger gouges or splits might require you to replace entire boards.

Boards Turning Gray

If you notice any boards on your hardwood flooring turning gray, it is definitely time to have them refinished before more damage is done to your hardwood floors. When your wooden floors are turning gray, it is a sign that the polyurethane is wearing off. When this happens, it means your hardwood floors are starting to absorbing water, whether it is from rain, spilled drinks, or even just from your pet's paws. If you don't have your floors repaired and refinished quickly, it will keep absorbing moisture until it turns black, at which point the only option you will have left is total replacement.

Some Boards Have Already Turned Black

If you already have some boards on your floor that have turned black, it is too late for them. Your choices when it comes to those boards are now whether you want to go with a darker stain on the rest of your floor to make them blend, or to completely replace those particular boards. The latter option will cost a little more, but will help keep your floor healthier overall.

Water Damage

If your wood flooring has sustained water damage, you are usually going to see separation or cupping of some of the boards, as well as dark areas. If your boards are just cupping a bit, this can normally be sorted out with some sanding, but if you have major separation or entire boards that have turned black, then you are more than likely going to have to replace entire boards or sections.

Fading Color

If you start to notice that your hardwood floors have begun fading from too much UV ray exposure, it might be time to look at having them refinished. Refinishing them and applying a new stain will actually help to renew their protection against the sunlight and keep your colors vibrant at the same time.

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